The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire | Jeremy Ryan Slate
James AltucherFebruary 20, 202400:58:35

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire | Jeremy Ryan Slate

In this episode, James Altucher is joined by Jeremy Ryan Slate, author of 'Unremarkable to Extraordinary', for a fascinating discussion on the Roman Empire. They delve into the intricacies of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire, discussing the importance of monetary policy, and the system of governance, and drawing parallels with modern America. They also unpack the merits and demerits of the rulers and how their decisions shaped the course of history. The conversation brings to light the echoes of ancient history that resonate in today's world, highlighting the lessons that can be drawn from history.

00:00 Introduction and Apologies
00:19 The Struggles of Email Communication
02:30 Exploring YouTube Success
02:54 Diving into JFK Assassination Theories
08:19 Discussing Conspiracy Theories
09:46 The Fascination with the Roman Empire
10:25 The Story of Alexander the Great
19:05 The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic
28:27 Augustus: The First Citizen of Rome
28:54 Augustus's Reign and the Transition from Republic to Empire
30:22 Augustus's Propaganda and Ruler Worship
30:39 The Power of Writing and Propaganda in History
32:53 The Expansion of Rome: Republic vs Empire
33:19 The Impact of Emperor Hadrian's Policies
34:12 The Fall of the Western Roman Empire
35:05 The Mystery Years of the United States
35:37 The Importance of Narrative in Teaching History
36:04 The US and Rome: A Comparison
37:22 The Role of Monetary Policy in the Decline of Empires
38:16 The Crisis of the Third Century in Rome
39:22 The Byzantine Empire: A Thousand Years of Resilience
39:54 The Role of Monetary Policy in the Stability of Empires
42:28 The Fall of the Roman Empire: Lessons for the US
48:56 The Roman Empire and Modern Masculinity
51:19 The Importance of Upward Mobility in Empires
54:34 The Future of the US: Lessons from Rome

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