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"The James Altucher Show" is a transformative journey into the minds of cutting-edge innovators, hard-hitting truth tellers, and world-class performers. Hosted by entrepreneur and bestselling author James Altucher, this podcast invites you to explore new perspectives, challenge old beliefs, and learn from some of the world's most successful individuals.

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Mastering the 48 Laws of Power | Robert Greene
November 30, 202301:19:3372.84 MB

Mastering the 48 Laws of Power | Robert Greene

On its 25th anniversary, James and Robert Greene explore the enduring impact of "The 48 Laws of Power," discussing the blend of historical narratives that underpin the book's lessons on strategy and influence.

How To Get Anyone To Fall In Love With You
November 28, 202300:59:1854.3 MB

How To Get Anyone To Fall In Love With You

This podcast is for anyone interested in building stronger, more personal relationships, whether they're romantic, professional, or just friendships. Listen to this episode with Robyn and Jay the Engineer for straightforward advice and real examples of how to deepen your connections with others!

How To Make the Best Sports Bets | David Beaudoin (aka Professor MJ)
November 25, 202300:40:0336.68 MB

How To Make the Best Sports Bets | David Beaudoin (aka Professor MJ)

Meet David Beaudoin, aka "Professor MJ," a wizard in the world of sports betting who's been turning the odds in his favor for over two decades! With a background in stock market analysis, he's mastered the art of statistical forecasting, ensuring he never hits a losing streak.

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Just what I need, with great info.

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Got away from listening to his podcasts for some reason. Forgot how great his guests are and what an outstanding interviewer James is.

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A Masterclass on Embracing Change

"The James Altucher Show" consistently delivers thought-provoking content, and the episode with Bruce Feiler is no exception. Bruce's insights on life transitions, backed by his extensive research, were both eye-opening and transformative. The episode delves deep into the art of pivoting and challenges the traditional notion of sticking to one path. James's personal experiences added depth to the conversation, making it relatable and inspiring. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to understand the beauty of change and life reinvention.

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