My Favorite Things: James Sharing Favorites and what he learnt!
James AltucherFebruary 11, 202400:31:28

My Favorite Things: James Sharing Favorites and what he learnt!

In this podcast episode, James Altucher is joined by Jay "The Engineer" Yow to share their favorite things, covering diverse themes including his favorite TV show, Instagram accounts, AI websites, Kung Fu movies, Twitter accounts, books, comedians, and much more. He discusses the details of why these particular favorites have made an impact on him and why he recommends checking them out. Co-host Jay also chimes in with his favorite sitcom and Kung Fu film.  

Here are the links that you should check out!

1. Favorite IG Accounts: @emonthebrain ( and @codiesanchez (
2. Favorite AI Websites: ( and (
3. Favorite Books: Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson, and Creativity by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
4. Favorite Mashup: Wu-Tang Clan x Led Zeppelin  by Curious George (
5. Favorite Kung Fu Movies: Ip Man 1, 2, 3, 4
6. Favorite Comedian: Greer Barnes (


Also, check out the episode with Codie Sanchez: How to Build Wealth Buying Boring Businesses | Codie Sanchez (


00:00 Introduction to My Favorite Things

00:31 My Favorite Social Media Accounts

00:51 Discussion on Favorite Instagram Accounts

02:57 Exploring Favorite Neuroscience Instagram Account

04:41 Favorite Business Instagram Account

06:18 Favorite YouTube Mashup

08:00 Favorite AI Websites

10:41 Favorite Comedian

13:47 Favorite Twitter Account

13:52 Favorite Books

17:22 Favorite Kung Fu Movies

22:33 Favorite AI Website Revisited

24:45 Favorite Sitcoms

25:57 Conclusion


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