How to make a few Billion Dollars | Brad Jacobs
James AltucherNovember 15, 202301:04:32

How to make a few Billion Dollars | Brad Jacobs

In this insightful discussion hosted by James Altucher, billionaire CEO Brad Jacobs shares unique perspectives and tactics on building billion-dollar businesses, managing inflation, and negotiating successful deals. Jacobs discusses the concept of 'roll-ups' across various industries and how they significantly contribute to commercial growth. He also reveals the powerful impact of personal mindset on business success and the role cognitive therapy could play in threats such as terrorism. Towards the end, he shares how meditation has played a significant role in his life, providing a foundation for personal and professional development. Watch the video to discover important business strategies and a deep dive into the mind of a successful billionaire.

00:00 Understanding Inflation and Its Impact
00:31 The Role of Government Stimulus in Inflation
01:11 The Value of Business Experience and Perspective
01:57 The Importance of Decision-Making in Business
03:22 The Challenges of Hiring and Leadership in Business
04:04 The Art of Business Management and Growth
04:41 The Consequences of Dishonesty in Business
06:22 The Role of Luck in Business Success
07:48 The Power of Mergers and Acquisitions in Business Growth
16:18 The Role of Government Intervention in Business
20:20 The Potential for Recession and Its Impact
23:28 The Journey into the Oil Business
32:21 Reaching Decision Makers in Business
32:48 The Power of Connection and Generosity
32:56 Exploring Opportunities in Different Industries
34:47 The Importance of Mindset in Business Success
35:30 Exploring Meditation and Its Impact
35:49 Reflecting on Changes in India
36:37 Balancing Positivity and Pessimism in Business
40:07 The Role of Cognitive Therapy in Business and Life
46:34 The Power of Thought Experiments
51:05 Understanding Terrorism through Cognitive Therapy
55:48 The Art of Interviewing and Hiring
57:53 Maintaining Energy and Motivation
01:00:35 Planning for the Future
01:02:55 Appreciating Life as Music

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