How Thoughts, Nutrients, and Electrolytes Impact Your Well-being | Shawn Stevenson
James AltucherNovember 08, 202301:32:25

How Thoughts, Nutrients, and Electrolytes Impact Your Well-being | Shawn Stevenson

Welcome to The James Altucher Show! In this episode, James is joined by the incredible Shawn Stevenson to dive deep into the power of natural methods for transforming health and fitness. Inspired by a life-changing weight transformation, James explores the impact of supplements and the potential for natural approaches.

Shawn Stevenson shares his insights from his book, "Eat Smarter Family Cookbook," which contains 100 delicious recipes to revolutionize your health, fitness, and connection with loved ones. They discuss the role of positive language, affirmations, and the placebo effect on metabolism and the body's interaction with food.

Discover the secrets to maintaining cognitive function as we age and the importance of strength training for both the body and mind. Shawn shares his personal journey of defying aging expectations and finding ways to feel better, leading him to lose weight naturally using the power of nutrient-rich foods.

Join James and Shawn as they explore the connection between nutrition, cognitive function, and overall well-being, and learn practical tips to upgrade your eating habits and create a healthy eating environment. They also delve into the importance of diverse food choices, the detrimental effects of sugar, and the role of electrolytes in brain function.

If you're ready to optimize your health, boost cognitive function, and make each moment more magical, tune in to this episode of The James Altucher Show. Don't miss out on this valuable conversation between two brilliant minds. Subscribe now and be sure to check out Shawn Stevenson's podcast, The Model Health Show, for more insightful content.

[00:02:55] 25-year break from chess, struggling with memory.

[00:05:41] DNA innovations reveal aging biomarker, longevity.

[00:11:34] Placebo effect remarkable in peer reviewed data.

[00:19:07] Milkshakes and negative thoughts affect aging.

[00:23:19] Labeling milkshakes differently affected participants' perception.

[00:26:56] The Key to control is the perception of food.

[00:36:36] He enjoys younger, energetic company, both consciously and unconsciously. He spends time with my family and me and has a childlike mentality. Being in diverse environments is key. It can be uncomfortable but necessary for brain function. Our brains fully develop in our mid-twenties and then start to degrade.

[00:37:46] Optimize the brain, play improves cognitive function.

[00:44:25] Proteins, genes, and environment influence gene expressions. Diseases as adaptations.

[00:52:43] Cheap, accessible, good-tasting food affects our bodies.

[00:54:22] How did you change the habit?

[00:59:00] Connection, tweaking, powerful question, magical moment. Switched cognitively, self-affirmation, grandma, unhelpable.

[01:07:16] Proximity to nature, vegan alternatives, and supplements.

[01:10:33] Paradox: US spends more, gets worse results.

[01:16:04] Flavor and nutrition: finding the soft approach.

[01:22:06] Diverse fruits, the brain loves glucose, avoid sugar.

[01:26:19] Dark chocolate adds electrolytes to smoothies.

[01:30:58] Inspiring transformation; excited about natural food.

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