Anthony Scaramucci's Journey: Surviving Trump, FTX and Embracing Bitcoin
James AltucherMay 21, 202401:11:24

Anthony Scaramucci's Journey: Surviving Trump, FTX and Embracing Bitcoin

A Note from James:

"I've known Anthony Scaramucci for about 15 years. We had breakfast 15 years ago after his first book came out, and I had written a review of it in the Financial Times. At different times, we even thought about working together, about 10 or 15 years ago. He's always been a very interesting guy.

Of course, I know him from the hedge fund world, but much later, he got involved in the political world. He became the Communications Director of the White House under Donald Trump for 11 days before he got fired. He later came on my podcast to talk about his time there, and by then, he was more aligned with Biden.

Anthony has a problem: both sides of the aisle don't like him. Democrats remember him as a Trump guy, and Trump supporters hate him because he trashes Trump. I like it when people can't figure out what they really are, but love him or hate him, Anthony Scaramucci has been involved in top news events of the past 10-15 years. From Trump to being involved with FTX, where Sam Bankman-Fried tried to buy Anthony's firm SkyBridge and bought a stake in it, which is part of the bankruptcy proceedings.

He just wrote a book, 'From Wall Street to the White House and Back,' the Scaramucci guide to unbreakable resilience. We started off by discussing why people either love or hate him. I pointed out that the worst thing you could have for a book is three-star reviews. You want a lot of five-star reviews and a lot of one-star reviews to show you had an impact on people. That's how he is as a person, and I feel like that's how I am sometimes. We had a good conversation.

He's been a friend for a long time. Here's Anthony Scaramucci."
Episode Description:

In this episode, James Altucher welcomes Anthony Scaramucci, a man who has worn many hats—hedge fund manager, White House Communications Director, and now author. Known for his controversial yet impactful presence, Scaramucci shares insights from his new book, "From Wall Street to the White House and Back," offering listeners a unique perspective on resilience, peak performance, and navigating the highs and lows of public and professional life. Whether you love him or hate him, Scaramucci's journey provides valuable lessons on maintaining integrity, finding purpose, and thriving amidst adversity.
What You’ll Learn:

1. Navigating Political and Financial Turbulence: How Scaramucci dealt with his brief yet tumultuous tenure in the White House and his involvement in the FTX debacle.
2. Building Unbreakable Resilience: Insights from Scaramucci’s new book on how to cultivate resilience in the face of public and private challenges.
3. Bitcoin and Crypto Insights: Scaramucci's perspective on the future of Bitcoin, the impact of the FTX collapse, and the importance of doing your homework in the crypto world.
4. Balancing Integrity and Ambition: Lessons on maintaining integrity while pursuing ambitious goals in high-stakes environments.
5. The Importance of Being Polarizing: Why having strong opinions that elicit love or hate can be more impactful than being universally liked.Chapters:

• 00:01:30 - Introduction and Background
• 00:04:00 - Early Career and Hedge Funds
• 00:11:49 - Tenure in the White House
• 00:22:27 - FTX and Crypto Insights
• 00:39:30 - Bitcoin and Financial Strategies
• 00:49:33 - Political Views and Voting Decisions
• 01:00:53 - Philosophical Insights and Purpose
• 01:03:34 - Closing Thoughts and Future PlansAdditional Resources:

• Anthony Scaramucci’s book: "From Wall Street to the White House and Back"
• SkyBridge Capital (
• Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Resources (


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