When Should You Give Up on Something Important? | Brian Keating (Part 2)
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When Should You Give Up on Something Important? | Brian Keating (Part 2)

James Altucher and Brian Keating delve into current global and academic issues, offering unique insights that blend personal experiences with complex societal and geopolitical themes.

From James: So this is part two of our interview with astrophysicist Brian Keating, but it's completely different from part one. Completely different topics, 100%. What this episode ultimately boiled down to is: When should you give up on something that's important to you? And we also talk about some BS that's been happening in college campuses lately and some things that have been personally hitting both of us. So, here's Brian Keating again. Enjoy!

Episode Description:

In part two of our interview with astrophysicist and UCSD Professor Brian Keating, the conversation turns away from physics and toward how Brian's visit to Israel at the time of a devastating terrorist attack plays a significant part in defining his year. 

Brian and James explore the recent tragic events in Israel, the devasting terror, the response of universities like UCSD, and the broader implications on global geopolitics and campus culture. The discussion also touches upon the experiences of Arab Israeli citizens and Brian's reflections on his career, research, and the significant impact of his podcast. 

Episode Summary:

  • 00:00 Introduction and Personal Updates
  • 00:11 Reflecting on a Year of Achievements and Challenges
  • 00:45 Discussing the Impact of Terrorism in Israel
  • 01:14 Analyzing the Response of Universities to Global Events
  • 02:51 Debating the Complexities of the Israel-Gaza Conflict
  • 04:37 Exploring the Reality of Life in Israel
  • 06:31 Confronting Antisemitism and its Impact
  • 09:08 Navigating the Challenges of Campus Politics
  • 14:40 Reflecting on Career Progress and Future Projects
  • 20:15 The Struggles of Podcasting and Advertising
  • 21:05 The Purpose and Future of Podcasting
  • 21:18 The Power of YouTube and Subscriber Growth
  • 22:11 Meeting Influential People in the Industry
  • 25:07 The Journey of Chess Mastery
  • 27:20 The Struggle of Improvement and the Concept of Age
  • 32:46 The Importance of Numbers and the Balance of Fun
  • 35:27 The Future Plans and the Art of Writing
  • 36:29 The Conclusion and Future Collaborations


Reflecting on Success, Challenges, and Pursuits | Part 2




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