Unveiling a Financial World Order: Challenging the 'Own Nothing' Paradigm | Carol Roth
The James Altucher ShowJuly 18, 202301:02:1356.97 MB

Unveiling a Financial World Order: Challenging the 'Own Nothing' Paradigm | Carol Roth

James & Carol Roth explore the thought-provoking concepts from her book "You Will Own Nothing." Delve into the future of wealth, ownership, and personal freedom, while engaging in a two-sided debate on taxation, the global economy, and the potential impact of central bank digital currencies.

In this thought-provoking episode of The James Altucher Show, renowned author and entrepreneurial powerhouse, Carol Roth, joins James to delve deep into the captivating themes explored in her groundbreaking book, "You Will Own Nothing." Prepare for a riveting conversation that challenges the status quo and offers fresh perspectives on the future of wealth, ownership, and personal freedom.

Drawing from her extensive research and insightful analysis, Carol Roth exposes an underlying agenda shared by numerous international institutions that seeks to diminish the influence of the dollar and hinder millions of Americans from attaining true financial autonomy. She expertly elucidates why owning mere possessions, as opposed to substantial assets, can lead to a decrease in wealth and personal liberty. Moreover, she imparts invaluable guidance on how individuals can effectively safeguard their wealth amidst these transformative times.

Under the premise of a new financial world order, where global elites possess everything while individuals are left with nothing, Carol Roth and James engage in an exhilarating two-sided debate, aiming to unearth the most compelling insights and provide the audience with a comprehensive understanding of the shifting landscape. This dynamic conversation explores multifaceted topics, including the intricate dynamics of taxation and government spending, the evolving role of the dollar in the global economy, and the captivating potential and potential pitfalls of central bank digital currencies, while addressing the pressing concern of their potential weaponization. place in the global economy now, and the future of Central Bank Digital Currencies and their potential for weaponization.


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