Tim Ferriss: 10 Years Later...
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Tim Ferriss: 10 Years Later...

Tim Ferriss has a life-changing surprise for you, and it will change our lives. Yes, both of us. It was expensive. I mean, it was expensive for him. It cost him a couple hundred thousand dollars to get. It also wasn't easy. He fought for a year and a half to get it.

A Note from James:

 I want to congratulate my friend Tim Ferriss on the 10th anniversary of his podcast. It is such an excellent podcast. It's one of the few podcasts I regularly listen to and I highly recommend it if you don't already listen to it. He's been a great guy, and a great friend over the years. We don't always keep in touch, but I always count him among my long-distance friends, and congratulations to him on having the 10th anniversary of his podcast.

I remember when he was first considering the podcast, he was calling around to other podcasters, including me, and he was doing his Tim Ferriss thing of researching and asking people as many questions as possible. And he thoroughly prepared and instantly became one of the. Top five podcasts out there.

So congratulations, Tim. This is the first episode on my podcast where Tim was the guest. It brings back fond memories also from 10 years ago. So here's Tim Ferriss being an amazing guest on my podcast.


Episode Description:

Tim Ferriss has a life-changing surprise for you.

It was expensive. I mean, it was expensive for him. It cost him a couple hundred thousand dollars to get. It also wasn't easy. He fought for a year and a half to get it.

This is going to change our lives. Yes, both of us.

Let me ask you this: What's the one skill you always wanted and don't have?

Is it Brazilian jiu-jitsu? Flirting? Playing poker? How to get out of a hostage situation? Whatever it is, you can learn it.

You just need to know how to learn. Learning is a skill.

Tim Ferriss did a bunch of experiments and mastered learning. In today's show, he reveals the secret to gaining any skill you ever wanted.

He FINALLY got digital rights to his TV show, The Tim Ferriss Experiment. It's about how to conquer fear in any skill at 10 times your learning speed. Think of it as MythBusters meets Jason Bourne.

"My job is to get people from zero percent to the top five percent in six months or less," he says, "The skill I'm refining is meta-learning. It's the toolkit."

The best part is that he filmed all 13 experiments. Now it's a show. It's "MythBusters meets Jackass." Clearly, a must watch.

I'm going to make my daughter binge-watch it today. Even if she has homework. This is more important. And more valuable.

The best part? He's releasing all 13 episodes "House of Cards-style" today.

They're available at iTunes.com/timferriss.

In The Tim Ferriss Experiment, Tim goes around trying to learn the most difficult skills in the world.

Sometimes, he's successful. Other times, he has to pull himself out of having an anxiety attack.

In today's interview, Tim reveals why we suck at learning new skills. The best part is that it's not your fault. You can do anything you want. Think about it. People with no legs can run.

Listen today to hear how to choose the best teacher, find an unorthodox mentor, alter your technique, and much more.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • •What's holding you back from learning the skills you want
  • •How to present yourself in the best way possible
  • •How to find unorthodox mentors and teachers
  • •How to identify outliers
  • •How to learn to learn
  • •What examples you should study when practicing a new skill

Links and resources mentioned in the show:

Tim Ferriss Book Club: http://fourhourworkweek.com/category/tim-ferriss-book-club/

Extra footage from The Tim Ferriss Experiment: http://fourhourworkweek.com/tv/


Episode Summary:

00:00 Celebrating Tim Ferriss: A Decade of Podcasting Excellence

01:43 The Launch of Tim Ferriss' TV Show: Behind the Scenes

03:52 The Art of Documentary Making: Tim Ferriss' Journey

09:31 Navigating the Challenges of TV Show Cancellation

13:53 Revolutionizing Content: Tim Ferriss' Strategy for Digital Rights

17:31 Exploring the Episodes: A Deep Dive into Tim Ferriss' TV Show

33:04 The Fascinating World of Urban Evasion and Escape

33:34 Creating a Show: From Novice to Jason Bourne

34:41 The Art of Escape: Learning to Outwit Kidnappers

35:58 Mastering the Unthinkable: Escaping Duct Tape and Handcuffs

37:20 Beyond the Show: The Science of Learning and Memory

37:30 Golfing Miracles: From Novice to Pro with Biomechanics

38:51 The Meta-Learning Journey: Enhancing Skill Acquisition

49:53 Language Learning on Fast-Forward: The Tagalog Challenge

54:32 Unconventional Training: Learning from the Unlikely Experts

58:49 The Battle for Show Rights: A Lesson in Persistence

01:00:41 Meta-Learning and Education: The Future of Skill Acquisition


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