The Real AI: Unmasking the Hype | Kevin Surace
The James Altucher ShowJuly 20, 202300:51:0746.81 MB

The Real AI: Unmasking the Hype | Kevin Surace

James hosts AI pioneer Kevin Surace for a discussion to cut through AI's hype and fearmongering. They explore the realities of AI, its capabilities, its limitations, and how individuals can harness its power to improve their lives.

Are we overhyping AI? Can it truly shape our future or devastate it? James Altucher, an AI veteran, brings a fresh perspective to the table, cutting through the buzz and fearmongering that often surrounds Artificial Intelligence.

In this enlightening episode, James sits down with a true pioneer in the AI industry, Kevin Surace. Known for his instrumental role in developing Siri, and a series of impressive AI companies, Surace is here to demystify AI. Tune in as they delve deep into the real possibilities and limitations of AI, separate fact from fiction, and explore how you can harness this powerful technology to enhance your life.

Don't miss this chance to hear from the frontlines of AI innovation, and remember: it's not about fearing the future—it's about shaping it.


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