The Art of the Dirty Joke | Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling
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The Art of the Dirty Joke | Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling

In this episode, Jackie Martling shares an intriguing tale of his dinner with Jeffrey Epstein, Woody Allen, and how it intertwined with his career highlights and personal insights. He reflects on his time with Howard Stern, revealing the creativity and challenges behind their iconic radio moments. This narrative offers a glimpse into the complexity of Martling's experiences, blending humor with a candid look at his professional journey and the personalities he encountered along the way.

A Note from James:

Gosh, I can't believe the story Jackie just told about Jeffrey Epstein and Trump and Clinton and everything, but first: 

Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling wrote for many years, 15 years for Howard Stern, wrote for Rodney Dangerfield, is an awesome standup comedian. He's just an all-around good guy. I remember the last time Jackie was on the podcast was years ago and, we were talking about what constitutes a "dirty joke".

And he sent me these two huge books, like academic books, about the history of the dirty joke. That's the kind of just generous, good guy Jackie is. He just sent these books and they're fascinating. 

Jackie and I got together today. We talked about his history and what's going on and the documentary, 'Joke Man'. It's his whole story. It's really interesting. And his whole career is interesting.

Towards the end - he didn't really hold back - but, I got him to tell this story of his experience with Jeffrey Epstein - and he's innocent of anything, don't make any assumptions there - but it was just a fascinating story.

So here he is, Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling.


Episode Description:

The episode weaves together the intriguing personal and professional tales of Jackie 'The Joke Man' Martling, touching upon his comedy career, notable relationships, and memorable experiences with figures like Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton. It also details the evolution of Martling's documentary, 'Joke Man,' portraying his comedic journey and life anecdotes. 

James and Jackie talk about the evolution of the music industry from the era of Columbia Record Club to the digital age, exploring the changing dynamics of music consumption and artist revenue. Jackie tells stories anecdotes about Willie Nelson, the effects of the pandemic on New York's entertainment scene, and ambitions for a new comedy venue are discussed, highlighting a profound passion for comedy, music history, and the art of storytelling.


Episode Summary:

00:00 Introduction and Background

01:52 Reconnecting with Old Friends

02:42 The Gymnastics Journey

04:52 The Comedy Scene and Connections

08:45 The Art of Joke Telling

11:32 The Howard Stern Show Experience

14:10 The Post-Show Life

16:06 The Art of Networking

17:12 The Comedy and Life Philosophy

37:31 The Jeffrey Epstein Story

44:17 Unexpected Dinner with Jeffrey Epstein

44:48 The Power of Jokes and Humor

45:21 A Glimpse into the World of Famous Personalities

46:25 The Art of Comedy and Storytelling

47:31 An Unusual Encounter with Jeffrey Epstein

49:56 The Dark Side of Donald Trump

51:08 Reflections on Jeffrey Epstein's Scandal

52:42 The Unpredictable Nature of Fame

55:02 The Journey of 'Joke Man' Documentary

55:30 The Legacy of the Stern Show

01:17:38 The Impact of a Controversial Article

01:24:03 A Final Anecdote: Yogi Berra and Moonstruck


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