The Age of Prediction | Igor Tulchinsky and Chris Mason
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The Age of Prediction | Igor Tulchinsky and Chris Mason

Explore the booming field of predictive analysis with Igor Tulchinsky and Christopher Mason, authors of 'The Age of Prediction'! Dive into the endless applications from stocks to gene editing and learn what a vital role data analysis will hold in the evolving landscape of industries and the thrilling potential of prediction technology in reshaping the future.

 The Age of Prediction is such a fascinating book! After reading it, I really do think the job people should be preparing for is “data analyst” or “predictor”, because that's going to be used in every single industry, more than prompt engineers or AI coders - because AI is going to write its own code. Being able to understand what data to look at and why and how to make use of it, whether it's the medical industry or sports or stocks or insurance or art, this is going to be such a valuable skill to have, and it's a just beginning field. The creativity there is going to be amazing.

The Age of Prediction: Algorithms, AI, and the Shifting Shadows of Risk by Christopher Mason and Igor Tulchinsky is like a guidebook to what's happened, what's going to be happening, and all the different ways people use will prediction technology.

Igor has a $7 billion hedge fund, which analyzes millions of pieces of data around the world to predict stocks, whether something will happen tomorrow, or an hour from now, or 10 seconds from now.

Christopher Mason is geneticist and computational biologist who has been a Principal Investigator and Co-investigator of many NASA missions and projects. 

I wanted to know: What is the state of this industry? How much can we really predict? How can we get better at it? What are the limitations? How close are we to manipulating DNA for disease gene removal? Can single-gene editing be done within a living human? 

We talk about all of that, and then just have a fun time while I pitched different ideas. Enjoy our interview with Igor and Chris, authors of The Age of Prediction.


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