Preparing for Impact | Ryan Estis
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Preparing for Impact | Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis, renowned for his exceptional public speaking skills, has become a leading figure worldwide, with a career enriched by his deep knowledge of business and global affairs. His recent collaboration on "Prepare for Impact" with his brother Chad offers readers invaluable strategies for success, reflecting the breadth of Ryan's experience and his visionary approach to personal and professional development.

A Note from James:

Ryan Estis is potentially the most successful public speaker worldwide. I've known him for about a decade, thanks to our mutual friend Scott Cohen, who has appeared on this podcast several times and is an outstanding entrepreneur.

Over the years, Ryan and I have developed a strong friendship, partly due to our connection with Scott. Ryan is an exceptional public speaker, known for his inspirational talks. He possesses a wealth of knowledge in business, sales, and global affairs, speaking at various events worldwide.

Recently, he co-authored a book with his brother Chad, an executive with several sports teams, including the Cowboys. The book, titled "Prepare for Impact," features many compelling stories. I particularly recommend the "30 Steps to Success" section, which encourages readers to devise their strategies for success.

I was curious to learn how Ryan became a top public speaker, including how he started his career, increased his fees, and gained the confidence to work independently. I also wondered about his future plans, especially how he intends to adapt his career as he ages and possibly reduce his travel for speaking engagements.

These inquiries, while specific to Ryan, are relevant across all industries for professionals considering the future of their careers, wealth, and success.

It was a great pleasure to speak with my friend Ryan Estis. His insights, shared in our conversation and in his book "Prepare for Impact," are sure to inspire many.


Episode Description:

This podcast episode features a comprehensive conversation with Ryan Estis, celebrated as one of the most successful public speakers globally. The discussion touches upon Ryan's journey from a prolific sales professional to a distinguished public speaker and author. James and Ryan explore the essence of Ryan's new book, 'Prepare for Impact,' co-authored with his brother Chad, who has an extensive executive background in sports management. The book encapsulates 30 steps to success, offering insightful advice on professional growth and human-centered leadership. 

Beyond discussing his literary work, Ryan delves into the nuances of public speaking, including his start, evolving fee structures, branching out on his own, and envisioning a future where he doesn't have to travel as intensely. They also discuss the implications of aging on career and life choices, reflecting on personal development and shifting from proving to giving back to the community. 

The conversation further explores Ryan's new venture, ImpactEleven, which aims to support and accelerate the growth of public speakers, and contemplates the transformative impacts of global crises on personal and professional reinvention.


Episode Summary:

00:00 Introduction to Ryan Estis: The Public Speaking Prodigy

03:07 The Art of Public Speaking: Ryan's Path to Mastery

08:23 Navigating Career Transitions: From Sales to the Stage

08:52 Building a Speaking Career: Strategies and Breakthroughs

19:03 The Power of Free Gigs: Establishing Credibility and Demand

26:40 Maintaining Integrity and Navigating Imposter Syndrome

28:19 Navigating the World of Public Speaking

29:37 Overcoming Stage Fright and Idolization

32:50 The Impact of COVID-19 on a Speaking Career

34:50 The Genesis of ImpactEleven: A New Venture

36:10 Expanding Beyond Public Speaking

48:13 Reflecting on Personal Growth and Future Aspirations

54:12 The Evolution of Success and the Importance of Giving Back



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