Perfecting the Craft of Mystery | Jonathan Kellerman
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Perfecting the Craft of Mystery | Jonathan Kellerman

Join renowned author Jonathan Kellerman as he peels back the layers of his creative process, revealing the intricate blend of his experience as a child psychologist and his dedication to crafting compelling narratives in his best-selling "Alex Delaware" series. Don't miss this insightful journey through a literary genius' mind and the shifting sands of modern publishing.

From James:  This guest has sold over a hundred million copies of his books. He's a thriller writer, he's a suspense writer, and his latest book, The Ghost Orchid: An Alex Delaware Novel just came out: Jonathan Kellerman

And I have to say this book was riveting from the beginning to the end. You don't have to read any of his prior books to get completely what's happening. It's about a psychologist who also likes to solve crimes and Jonathan himself was a psychologist - he had a whole career in that, which he left behind when he started writing. We talk about everything from how to write a thriller to his career, the hard stuff along the way, and so much more. It was a great conversation and a great book.

Here's Jonathan Kellerman. 

Episode Description:

This podcast features Jonathan Kellerman, a bestselling author well-known for his Alex Delaware series, disclosing his transformational journey from a child psychologist to an acclaimed writer. He discusses his writing blueprint, emphasizing the importance of plot, pace, character development, themes, locations, time periods, and dialogue, and shares how he incorporates his psychology background to create suspenseful narratives. Kellerman shares enlightening insights on managing success and highlights that talent alone does not define successful writers. As a commentary on the rapidly evolving literary realm due to technological advances and shorter attention spans, Jonathan reflects on the struggles of transforming multifaceted novels into TV scripts and his inclination towards non-fiction as quintessential inspiration. More personally, he opens up about maintaining a balanced relationship with his wife, also a successful author.

Episode Summary:

  • 01:00 The Art of Writing: From Office to Bestsellers
  • 02:08 The Journey of a Successful Author
  • 02:55 The Reality of Writing as a Career
  • 03:21 Transitioning Careers: From Psychology to Writing
  • 06:20 The Struggles and Triumphs of a Writer
  • 08:33 The Importance of Persistence in Writing
  • 11:42 The Art of Storytelling and Character Development
  • 14:48 The Challenges and Rewards of Writing
  • 18:38 The Impact of Personal Experiences on Writing
  • 21:47 The Role of Preparation and Discipline in Writing
  • 25:09 The Influence of Psychology on Writing
  • 27:50 The Unpredictability and Joy of Writing
  • 41:23 The Art of Character Development
  • 41:40 The Mystery of Motive: Writing a 'Why Done It'
  • 42:31 The Writer's Craft: Comparing Writing to Painting
  • 43:16 The Pressure and Pleasure of Writing a Series
  • 45:23 The Evolution of a Writer: From Fear to Publication
  • 47:33 The Influence of Age and Experience on Writing
  • 49:42 The Reality of Being a Bestselling Author
  • 51:45 The Power of Partnership: Writing as a Married Couple
  • 54:45 The Balance of Life, Work, and Writing
  • 01:06:53 The Unchanging Nature of Human Beings: A Writer's Perspective
  • 01:07:21 The Evolution of Reading and Writing in the Digital Age
  • 01:12:05 The Journey of a Writer: From Idea to Book
  • 01:14:50 The Ghost Orchid: An Alex Delaware Novel


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