Mastering the Art of the Interview | Polina Pompliano Returns!
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Mastering the Art of the Interview | Polina Pompliano Returns!

Today, we explore the art of interviewing with insights from Polina Pompliano, uncovering techniques that enhance communication in journalism and everyday life.

A Note from James:

Learning how to be a good interviewer is crucial in life, not just for reporters or podcasters, but because many life situations resemble interviews. Whether you're applying for a job, hiring someone, or meeting someone new at a party, it's beneficial to gather as much information about them as quickly as possible. Additionally, it's important to leave a good impression if that's your goal. Being a skilled interviewer is therefore essential. I'm grateful for my podcast, which has allowed me to study the techniques of some of the best interviewers. 

Recently, one of the top interviewers, Polina Pompliano, who writes the newsletter "The Profile," shared her insights. She has profiled many remarkable people and I recommend googling her. Polina has also written a book, "Hidden Genius," and in a recent issue of her newsletter, she didn't profile someone but instead shared the top 10 techniques for becoming a great interviewer, drawing from the best in the field.

I found this immensely valuable, so I invited her to come on the podcast to discuss these techniques and share stories about what makes a good interviewer. Let me know if you find this helpful, but I'm confident it will be valuable. Here's Polina and our conversation on how to excel at interviewing.

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Episode Description:

This episode of The James Altucher Show explores the intricate art of interviewing, broadening its significance from journalism to daily situations like job interviews and social exchanges. Today's interview features a deep dive into interviewing techniques shared by notable figures, including insights from Polina Pompliano's newsletter "The Profile," which covers a diverse spectrum of personalities from billionaires to artists. We explore critical aspects of successful interviews, such as understanding individuals, establishing rapport, the art of storytelling, and mastering public speaking. Ethical considerations in selecting interview subjects and deliberately omitting controversial figures are also discussed. Moreover, the episode examines the importance of connecting with audiences across different platforms, utilizing storytelling effectively, and finding a balance between personal interests and professional development. This in-depth discussion not only captures the essence of interviewing but also emphasizes its importance in improving both personal and professional communication skills.

Episode Summary:

00:00 Mastering the Art of Interviewing: Insights and Techniques

00:51 Polina Pompliano's Insights on Great Interviewing

01:35 Exploring Interview Techniques with Polina Pompliano

02:19 The Power of Research and Preparation in Interviews

03:53 The Art of Interviewing: Learning from the Best

05:13 The Impact of Interviewing Skills Beyond Podcasting

05:47 Building Intimacy and Trust in Interviews

10:37 Overcoming Nerves and Embracing the Interview Process

17:24 The Delicate Balance of Challenging and Supporting Interviewees

33:42 Joe Rogan's Approach to Engaging Conversations

42:05 Decoding David Letterman's Interview Style

45:01 The Art of Interviewing: Oprah's Approach

47:37 Howard Stern's Unique Interview Technique

51:12 Breaking Down Barriers with Sean Evans

55:08 Capturing the Essence of a Story: Barbara Walters

01:03:44 The Challenge of Interviewing Controversial Figures

01:09:21 Exploring Public Speaking and Interview Ethics

01:11:53 The Journey of a Masterful Interviewer

01:16:52 Closing Thoughts and Future Endeavors


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