How to Build Wealth Buying Boring Businesses | Codie Sanchez
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How to Build Wealth Buying Boring Businesses | Codie Sanchez

Everybody wondering how to build wealth should listen to this episode with Codie Sanchez. Codie discusses turning 'boring' businesses into profit centers, her unique acquisition methods, and her "Contrarian Thinking" course, emphasizing the importance of investing in oneself, resonating with the themes in James' "Choose Yourself."

Everybody wondering how to build wealth should listen to this episode with Codie Sanchez

Codie is a mastermind in turning 'boring' businesses into profitable ventures. She explains the allure of investing in everyday businesses like laundromats and car washes, showcasing how these often-overlooked opportunities can be lucrative. She also reveals her top strategy for increasing sales in small businesses, a hack that has proven pivotal in her success.

We then shift to Codie's unique acquisition technique, a method influenced by Amazon's business strategies. She provides valuable insights into this approach, demonstrating how it can be applied to various business models for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, Codie shares her perspective on the burgeoning legal cannabis market, offering her thoughts on its current state and future potential.

In the final segment of today's episode, Codie and James discuss her "Contrarian Thinking" course and newsletter, which embody the essence of challenging conventional wisdom and investing in unconventional ideas. Codie elaborates on the core principles of the course, emphasizing the importance of 'investing in yourself,' a philosophy that resonates deeply with the themes of James' book "Choose Yourself." 

This episode is not just about investments and strategies; it's about the mindset and resilience required to excel in the world of business.

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