How to become a Super-communicator | Charles Duhigg
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How to become a Super-communicator | Charles Duhigg

I just read an incredible book called "Supercommunicators" by my good friend Charles Duhigg. You've previously seen him on the podcast for 'Smarter Faster Better' and 'The Power of Habit.' All of his books have been great. But this one just blew me away. I invited him on the podcast. I had a ton of questions for him and here he is.

A Note from James: 

 Sometimes I think I'm a pretty good communicator, but sometimes I'm just awful. It's really important to have good skills at communicating - I've done lots of kind of communicating. I've been a public speaker. I've been in sales. I've been an entrepreneur. I've been a standup comedian and I've been a podcaster, but my biggest communications have been with writing and you really always have to put yourself in the shoes of the other person.

Fortunately, I just read an incredible book - I highly recommend it - called Supercommunicators by my good friend, Charles Duhigg. You've previously seen him on the podcast for Smarter Faster Better and his book The Power of Habit.

All of his books have been great. But this one just blew me away. I invited him on the podcast. And I had a ton of questions for him. And here he is. 

Episode Description:

The discussion navigates Charles Duhigg's transition from The New York Times to The New Yorker and how it shaped his perspective on communication. He introduces the concept of practical, emotional, and social conversations and how understanding these can improve one's communication proficiency. The conversation also addresses the importance of systematizing communication and how pre-preparation lessens anxiety. Key highlights include the art of negotiation, maintaining a nonjudgmental attitude, and harnessing curiosity for effective interaction. Duhigg also introduces his book 'Supercommunicators', a culmination of three years of work, where he explores these principles in detail. The program encourages audience interaction and asserts that everyone can become a 'supercommunicator' with awareness and technique.


Episode Summary:

00:01 Introduction and Career Transition to The New Yorker

01:18 The Writing Process and Balancing Multiple Projects

01:49 The Journey of Writing 'Supercommunicators'

02:08 The Art of Writing Books and Stories

02:46 Personal Growth and Self-Improvement

03:24 The Struggle of Communication and Its Importance

04:49 Understanding Different Types of Conversations

05:52 The Power of Matching in Conversations

07:12 The Role of Authenticity in Communication

08:16 The Art of Asking Deep Questions

09:35 The Impact of Authenticity and Vulnerability in Conversations

13:39 Navigating Difficult Conversations

15:16 The Power of Understanding in Conversations

22:10 The Art of Recruiting in the CIA

29:10 The Importance of Authenticity in Difficult Conversations

39:49 Understanding the Power of Communication

40:27 The Art of Active Listening

40:53 The Importance of Genuine Understanding

41:15 The Power of Perspective Sharing

41:28 The Impact of Authenticity in Communication

41:56 The Role of Empathy in Difficult Conversations

42:57 The Pitfalls of Trying to Convince Others

43:02 The Power of Motivational Interviewing

43:51 The Importance of Shared Concerns in Communication

44:37 The Power of Facts in a Common Ground

45:07 The Role of Neural Entrainment in Communication

45:21 The Power of Connection in Communication

45:38 The Importance of Genuine Conversation in Relationships

47:50 The Power of Self-Awareness in Communication

49:02 The Role of Communication in Influencing Others

51:08 The Importance of Understanding Communication Channels

53:36 The Power of Authenticity in Online Communication

56:22 The Role of Communication in Public Speaking

59:07 The Power of Curiosity in Communication

01:12:14 The Importance of Respect in Communication

01:16:25 The Role of Communication in Building Relationships

01:17:56 The Power of Communication in Personal Growth


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