Bill O'Reilly | Killing the Witches
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Bill O'Reilly | Killing the Witches

James and Bill O'Reilly embark on a harrowing journey back to the Salem Witch Trials through O'Reilly's latest book, "Killing The Witches." The discussion unveils the madness of the era, the emergence of a young Benjamin Franklin, and the profound impact of unchecked religious fervor on the course of American history.

Join James in conversation with Bill O'Reilly, exploring the dark and tumultuous period of the Salem Witch Trials as depicted in O'Reilly's newest addition to the "Killing" series, "Killing The Witches." The dialogue plunges into the chaotic world of Salem, where the accusations of young girls led to a horrific chain of events - a somber chapter of American history that saw 20 individuals executed and hundreds jailed based on dubious testimonies.

The narrative takes an intriguing twist as a young Benjamin Franklin steps onto the scene. Intrigued by the unfolding hysteria, Franklin's interaction with the notorious witch hunter, Cotton Mather, leads him to a profound realization about the destructive force of unchecked religious fervor. This episode illuminates how the grim events of Salem resonated through the psyche of one of America's founding fathers, potentially influencing the ethos of a budding nation.

As James and Bill dissect the intricate details, they venture beyond the surface-level horrors of the witch hunts, diving into the nuanced, unintended consequences that rippled through society and the impressions it left on the minds of key historical figures. 

Later, the conversation shifts to the present-day news media and political dynamic, which O'Reilly views as a "cancel culture witch hunt" organized as a defense strategy by the progressive far-left.


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