Spaceship to Humanity: A Conversation With Astronaut Mike Massimino

Renowned astronaut **Mike Massimino**, the first man to tweet from space and author of the inspiring book "Moonshot: What I Learned from 861 Days in Space," embarks on a cosmic journey during a conversation on the James Altucher Show. They discuss diverse topics, from unlikely moonshot pursuits and stripping bolts on the Hubble Telescope to the fantastic normalcy of astronaut duties and the constant journey for personal growth.

Goal-Setting & The Power of Perseverance

Massimino gives a motivational reminder of the power of persistence and dreams, narrating his audacious goal to become an astronaut, clearly a chance in a million. His personal journey portrays a lifetime of perseverance, experiencing numerous rejections and overcoming physical hurdles along the way. The tenacity of his pursuit reassured Altucher, encouraging him that huge goals are worth chasing, despite the slim odds. 

Learning from Mistakes

Massimino also cherishes a culture where mistakes are worth discussing openly, allowing for critical learning opportunities and maximizing safety precautions. This culture, nurtured primarily during his time at NASA, formed crucial soft skills that he believes are valuable for any ambitious career, and not just for astronauts. Exposing your faults, learning from mistakes, and moving past errors are all vital skills for personal growth and are crucial in any team-oriented environment.

Altucher also stresses the importance of continuous self-improvement and resilience, as demonstrated by Massimino and his astronaut colleagues' constant drive for excellence. Even in the face of imminent danger and excruciating stress, maintaining a cool head and learning to quickly recover from slip-ups can make a vital difference in success or failure.

Mission Oriented

The conversation steers towards the strong bond entreating astronauts, with Massimino reminiscing about invaluable friendships, teamwork on dangerous missions, and the sweet victories of overcoming adversities. He underlines the fact that while astronauts were in constant peril, they were bound by a shared purpose and a common love for space exploration, which helped them function well in incredibly high-stress situations.

What Comes Next?

When asked about the future of space exploration, Massimino is optimistic. He underscores that the involvement of private enterprise and advancements in technology have opened new horizons for space entrepreneurship and fueled the democratization of space access. However, he hopes the spirit of NASA astronauts, the passion, and camaraderie that defined the golden age of space exploration, is never lost amidst these commercial pursuits.

Carrying the Moonshot Torch

Mike Massimino’s journey is an embodiment of the spirit of ‘moonshot thinking’ - the audacious idea that a large-scale achievable goal, however difficult it may seem, will have such profound effects on humanity that it’s worth pursuing. Reflecting upon his conversation with Altucher, it brings to the surface the belief that the true value in chasing your moonshot is not finally achieving that goal, but the person you become along the way.

Listen to the episode here: The Secret to Overcoming Impossible Odds | Mike Massimino

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