The Secrets to Healthy Aging | Shawn Stevenson
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The Secrets to Healthy Aging | Shawn Stevenson

Shawn Stevenson's in a battle against a silent health assassin: ultra-processed foods, which he believes are endangering countless Americans. After a grim diagnosis in his twenties, Shawn credits a drastic diet shift away from these foods as the life-saving change that reversed his debilitating condition, emphasizing the profound impact of whole, nutritious alternatives.

Best-selling author and host Shawn Stevenson, once a victim of a dire diagnosis of degenerative spine disease in his early twenties, faced a battle not just for mobility, but for his very life. The hidden culprit? The ultra-processed foods silently wreaking havoc on countless Americans. Shawn fervently believes that these foods are the stealthy assassins of our modern age. Yet, amidst this bleak landscape, there emerged a beacon of hope: a diet shift that Shawn credits with literally saving his life. 

Discussing his newest book, the "Eat Smarter Family Cookbook," Stevenson reveals how ditching these deadly foods and embracing whole, nutritious alternatives not only reversed his seemingly irreversible condition but also restored vitality to his body and soul. If you ever doubted the lethal power of processed foods or questioned the life-giving force of a truly wholesome diet, this episode will leave you both shaken and inspired. Join us for a narrative that’s as alarming as it is redemptive, and discover the dietary truths Shawn believes we all need to embrace before it's too late.


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